Participation in this Roundtable is open to advertisers who book at least a half-page ad in the January/February edition of the magazine.

Deadline for Submission: Friday, Jan. 10, 2020


With your answers to the questions, please also include:

  • At least one high-resolution, 300-dpi related photo with written description.
  • High-resolution photo of the individual credited with answering the questions.
  • Full name, title, years with the company for the individual credited with answering the questions.
  • Company name, company telephone number, company website.
  • Answers to any single question should not exceed 100 words. Answers exceeding this length may be subject to editing.
  • Submit your answers with accompanying photos and information by email to the editor of Flexible Packaging at


  1. Do companies have a responsibility to meet the social needs of their stakeholders: Shareholders, customers, employees and the community in general?
  2. What are some of the social obligations your company recognizes?
  3. Does your company have goals to meet these obligations and how does it measure and report progress on these goals?
  4. Packaging is seen by many as detrimental to the environment. How important are sustainable practices to the packaging industry?
  5. As a supplier to converters and brand owners, how is your company helping its customers meet their social responsibility goals?

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