MAXSON Automatic Machinery Co. offers the MSS Sheeter that cuts a wide range of materials such as newsprint, glassine, kraft, embossed, laminated papers, and box boards. It also profitably converts aluminum, and copper foils, foam, nonwovens, gasket material and many other specialties. The sheeter lends itself to customizing designs for numerous applications.

The MSS Sheeter is a stationary bed knife/rotary cutter especially designed for moderate production of short to medium length runs on different size set ups. The flow of the material through the cutting section, the knife mountings and blade angles have all been designed for maximum cutting efficiency and capability rather than for speed.

Equipped with state of the art electronic cut off control the MSS Sheeter eliminates the need for guillotine trimming. Sheet squareness can be automatically set on the dead knife cutter. The cutter' servo-motor can be programmed to provide cut-to-register capability (to within +/- 0.006", +/-0.13 mm) when converting preprinted or holographic material. The flow of material through the cutting section, the knife mounting arrangement and the cross cutting blade angles are designed for maximum cutting efficiency on a wide range of substrates offering versatile performance.

The sheeter's compact size requires minimal floor space and only one Operator. The MSS Sheeter's durable design and rugged construction insures years of trouble free performance. The machinery's maintenance requirements can be easily addressed by in house staff although the electrical system is equipped with remote diagnosis should trouble shooting be required by MAXSON technicians.