2019 proved to be a busy year in packaging, and Flexible Packaging readers were eager to learn more about industry happenings. So, which articles were most-read by visitors to the Flexible Packaging website? If you want to review the articles or in case you missed them, here is a list of the Top-10 articles for 2019.

Far and away, the most-read article is the magazine’s annual listing of the Top 25 converters in North America. Everyone, it seems, wants to know which companies are making moves. Interestingly, many of the readers who viewed the 2019 list also reviewed the 2018 list, perhaps to make comparisons of the converting companies.

1. 2019 Top 25 Converters: Scaling the Peaks

Once again, Flexible Packaging offers its annual list of the Top 25 Converters in North America for the year 2019. These rankings are based on each company’s revenues for the year 2018. The rankings are scrambled a bit from the previous year, but most companies are familiar figures in this year-to-year feature.  Top 25 Converters

2. Executive Forecast: The State of Flexible Packaging in 2019

Another popular article is the annual executive forecast, which appears in the first edition of each new year. Digital printing. The continuation of rigid-to-flexible. Recyclability. The ongoing importance of product differentiation. Combating the negative stereotypes of plastic. These trends — and a whole lot more —are covered in our annual executive forecast. 2019 Executive Forecast

3. Film Converter Creates Fully Recyclable Pouch For Granola

It was about three years ago when Bear Naked Granola decided it wanted to overhaul the packaging on its line of best-selling granolas and granola bites. As a leading brand in the granola space, it wanted to take the lead in another important category: sustainable packaging. But the brand wanted to maintain the feel, function and appearance of its current packaging. Bear Naked Granola

4. Industry Insights: Packaging Predictions for 2019

Everyone would like to know what the future holds. Perhaps that’s why so many read this article on predictions for 2019. As brand owners in the food space look forward to 2019, several trends could, and should, affect their upcoming packaging decisions. Packaging Predictions

5. C-P Flexible Packaging Buys Flexo Transparent

It’s the nature of the industry that companies will merge or be acquired. When C-P Flexible acquired Flexo Transparent, the deal caught the eyes of many readers. C-P Flexible

6. Four Key Packaging Trends Are Driving Innovation in Inks

When it comes to packaging, the one marketplace constant is that the needs and demands of brands, retailers, printers and consumers are always changing. As market trends evolve, ink manufacturers must be nimble and quickly develop solutions that meet those demands. Ink Innovations

7. Bright Innovations Place Pouches In Packaging Spotlight

Across many areas, suppliers are making innovative advances that continue to propel pouches as the fastest-growing packaging segment. Many of these developments are in response to consumers’ demands for more convenience in packaging, at the same time balancing their concerns for protecting the environment. Bright Innovations

8. Seven Challenges For Packaging Production

The printing and converting industry for packaging production across labels, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated boards is undergoing a massive transformation. It is important for all converters to understand the main challenges ahead and to be prepared. Seven Challenges

9. Bobst Introducing High-Barrier, Recyclable Pouches

Bobst and partners are introducing high-barrier flexible packaging solutions designed for recyclability. Sustainability and the move to replace non-recyclable high-barrier, multi-material packaging structures with recyclable mono-material alternatives is a driving force in the plastics industry. High-Barrier Pouches 

10. TC Transcontinental Helps Launch Recyclable, Multilayer Stand-up Pouch

TC Transcontinental Packaging is launching one of the first-in-market, 100 percent recyclable, multilayer barrier standup pouches in North America in partnership with Harney & Sons, an American tea company, for its loose tea flexible plastic pouch. Stand-Up Pouch