When TIDI Products, a medical products supplier in Neenah, WI, needed a custom corona treating solution, they chose Enercon Industries Corp. The challenge involved replacing an old two-sided treater on a 1600mm LDPE blown film line, and moving the location of treatment for better access by their operators.

“Enercon custom designed this treater much narrower than their standard two-sided treater. Their engineering team did a great job making this fit,” says Paul Hallman, TIDI’s electrical project technician.

In addition to customizing the treater design to fit in the allotted space, Enercon provided design features that made this one of TIDI’s most successful corona treater installations. The corona treater features stainless steel electrodes which provided immediate results. Their previous system had aluminum electrodes which required a lot of maintenance.

“Our team was really impressed with how Enercon’s application expertise and technology combined for such an efficient system design. Even performing routine maintenance is an efficiency improvement. The pivoting and hinged design of the Enercon electrode assembly is vastly superior to anything we’ve worked with before. The access for cleaning is excellent,” says Hallman.

TIDI Products