Schreiner ProTech, a German manufacturer of functional labels for the automotive and engineering-based industries, has developed three labeling solutions for one company’s bike drive systems. The solutions protect electric components against weather and mechanical impact while incoprorating tamper-evidence and anti-counterfeiting attributes. The global e-bike industry is booming with their popularity surging, especially in congestion-prone urban areas like New York and Los Angeles.

Even after years of exposure to all kinds of weather conditions, reliable adhesion and readability of the labels must be ensured. To meet these demands, Schreiner ProTech developed three labels: First, a label with a protective overlaminate, which effectively displays the manufacturer’s logo and optimally protects it against external influences. The second label is a nameplate which enables it to be authenticated by tamper-evident checkerboard film that is difficult to counterfeit. The third label incorporates a housing closure seal on the e-bike motor that reliably indicate tampering attempts.

Schreiner ProTech