Bizongo has launched a partnership with Sparkplug Foods Pvt Ltd for Flavure – India’s first brand to offer olives as a snacking option. The name Flavure, reflects the combination of zingy flavor and purity of nature. The olives have been customized for Indian taste buds and are available in three flavors – chilli, chilli-garlic and oregano – in a ready-to-eat format.

Bizongo’s collaboration extended to nomenclature of the brand, brand visual design including logo unit & color palette, design and development of primary packaging. Bizongo is India’s largest online multicategory packaging platform in the B2B space. Every design element was crafted to bring out the playfulness of flavored olives as a snack-on-the-go as opposed to bottled olives-preserved-in-brine which is mostly used as an ingredient in Indian households.

The packaging reflects the central idea of taste and nature – delicious, flavorful foods can be all natural and healthy. The gloss-finished ‘O’ (for Olive) is front and center of the packaging and its color represents the different variants. The oregano-flavored pack’s ‘O’ is a lighter shade of green while chilli and chilli-garlic variants are different shades of red. Various other elements such as hollow or whole olives to depict pitted and non-pitted varieties, spicy seasoning, chilli graphics etc. are added to help the brand communicate with the customer. The swoosh at the end of ‘e’ in ‘Flavure’ represents the lip-smacking taste.

Bizongo suggested FDA-approved retort pouches for packaging the olives after a deep market research. These heat-resistant laminated plastic pouches have a shelf-life equivalent to that of foods in metal cans. Since the product had to be positioned as a quick, easy-to-eat snack, pouches were chosen over cans. This was guided by a structural benchmarking followed by the development of an innovative packaging format.

“Our product is unique in the Indian market and has been customized to the Indian palate. Our snack-on-the-go olives cater to the hunger pangs of working professionals, students and active mothers who are constantly looking for natural and healthy snacks, ” added Sujay Naik, co-founder & director, Sparkplug Foods Pvt Ltd. Flavure is now available for sale online through in a box containing three 30g pouches and will be available on Amazon shortly.