In a context where the preservation of the environment is at the heart of consumers’ concerns, waste management and the use of eco-friendly packaging has become an unavoidable topic for all food distribution networks. Ligne Directe Production, in partnership with METRO France, wished to innovate by proposing alternative solutions to the packaging of its range of condiments, namely garlic, onions and shallots.

“To tackle this environmental issue, Ligne directe Production and METRO France designed a new eco-friendly packaging, ensuring optimal conservation of the product while meeting our specifications, current regulatory constraints and the economic reality of the market. Our new packaging from paper is intended to be made of a single component. Thanks to its homogeneity, it can be recycled very easily and reintroduced after its first use. In other words, after having served to package condiments, it will be thrown away, sorted, then treated by recycling companies from the paper/cardboard sector,” explains Marie-Laure Heyberger, commercial at Ligne directe Production.

“Limiting the use of plastic on our shelves as much as possible, while considering the second life of packaging is becoming a major issue for all links of the chain: consumers, actors of the sector and the government.”

As an extension of its commitments to reduce its carbon imprint, the products marketed by Ligne directe Production in this eco-friendly range will come from France, from crops with the High Environmental Value (HEV) certification, such as GlobalGap and Organic Agriculture. “Beyond its eco-friendly approach, this new range will offer an attractive ‘premium’ product, available in bags of 500g and 1 kg,” adds Marie-Laure Heyberger. “This product will be worked in semi-automatic, in order to guarantee an optimal quality to our clients which are sensitive to our orientation and to the current and future environmental issues.”