Packaging solutions with certified recyclability help food and drink producers satisfy relevant legal requirements. SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG has now received a certificate of recyclability from the Institute cyclos-HTP for its packaging film concept, combining a Skin Multi SV top film (150 µm) and base film Ecoterm VP (250 µm). Accordingly, SÜDPACK customers can now take advantage of a combined top foil / base foil skin packaging concept with confirmed high recyclability.

By opting for skin packaging, users can reduce material consumption by ca. 18 percent compared to tray packaging and MAP (modified atmosphere packaging). In addition to the reduced need for material and weight, they can now also rest assured of the packaging’s recyclability, thanks to certified data. In the course of the certification process, the packaging system achieved an overall score of 74 percent, placing it in Class A for recyclable packaging.

With the new solution, SÜDPACK continues its tradition of pioneering sustainable packaging development. “With the certification for our film Skin Multi SV concept and the Ecoterm base film, we’ve supplemented our portfolio with a new and particularly sustainable packaging solution,” emphasizes Carolin Grimbacher, Managing Partner and Head of Research and Development at SÜDPACK. “At the same time, it represents a further milestone on our roadmap to sustainable packaging, which we first presented to a broad audience at the FachPack last September.”

With the introduction of the roadmap, SÜDPACK has embedded its in-house packaging development in a sustainability-centred scenario. One focus area in the company’s activities is on downgauging, i.e., on creating films that are as thin as possible; others include the increased use of recyclable materials, and of renewable raw materials. In terms of all three aspects of the roadmap,

Skin packaging offers a forward-thinking packaging concept. Employing extremely thin film, Multi SV Skin is a prime example of what downgauging can achieve. With regard to the roadmap segment “renewable raw materials”, the skin concept can be used in combination with a paper tray under the product name Ecocraft Skin. The packaging concept consists of a premium-quality skin film that snugly clings to the product, and a base film that is made of up to 90 percent paper, printable on both sides, and a wafer-thin plastic film. After removing the product, consumers can quickly and easily separate the film and paper. Thanks to the certified recyclability of Multi SV Skin, food producers in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy and Great Britain can easily fulfill all relevant national regulations.

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