As part of the company’s ongoing strategy to attract and retain top talent Bixby International implemented a complete renovation of its office space during 2019. In addition to making its Newburyport, MA headquarters more welcoming to clients, the primary reason for the renovation was Bixby’s continued investment in its employees. 

The project, which was the first of two phases to upgrade the company’s workspace, included the addition of a new in-house cafe, an outdoor patio, a renovation of all offices, as well as new cubes, floors, ceilings, furniture, and lighting throughout the facility, according to Bixby President and CEO Dan Rocconi.

Rocconi said the renovation project is the most extensive upgrade the headquarters has undergone. As Bixby looks to increase its workforce in 2020 — there are currently 86 employees in Newburyport — the newly appointed space is expected to play a key role in attracting skilled and experienced people. 

In 2020, the second phase of the renovation will entail a modernization of Bixby’s laboratory space, including increasing the size of the lab to accommodate several new pieces of equipment. These capital investments include a new gravure laminator, a belt laminator, a co-extrusion line, and new analytical equipment. Once the lab upgrade phase is complete next year, the engineering team will focus on improving Bixby’s drying capabilities, blending capabilities, and web handling capacity.


Bixby International