FrieslandCampina unveils new packaging as part of rebranding for Dutch Masterpiece cheese brand; new product labels feature eye-catching images and a full cheese profile at the front.

A Dutch Masterpiece, the award-winning cheese that is a work of art, unveils a fresh new brand redesign for 2020, that includes new packaging and revamped website devoted to drawing consumers to the brand. The redesigned packaging features readily identifiable and memorable Dutch painters and their recognizable work while providing informative tasting notes of the product. The new packaging for both the wheel and wedge, provides a powerful image of the product which is designed to stand out in the cheese case.  

Debbie Seife, Marketing Director North America, of FrieslandCampina describes the inspiration driving the visual rebranding effort.  “Distinctive in flavor like their artists, our new brand identity and package design frames the distinctive features of each painter, their formative work, and the unique age and tasting notes of each of the awarding winning cheeses in our masterpiece collection.”

The packaging redesign will make this award-winning collection more appealing in the dairy section and more accessible to consumers. A Dutch Masterpiece brand has award-winning cheeses created by FrieslandCampina, the world’s largest producer of Gouda and Dutch cheese and one the largest U.S. importers of specialty cheeses.


Friesland Campina