Phoseon Technology is working closely with ink and coatings manufacturer CYNGIENT on UV LED-cured adhesives for the narrow web label industry and beyond. Technical support from CYNGIENT allows Phoseon to offer customers faster, more efficient leading-edge adhesive product support with predictable consistent performance, said Andrew Wasserman, managing partner, CYNGIENT.

HYPERcure LED /UV adhesives combined with Phoseon’s global LED curing technology offer customers peace of mind for turnkey cold foil and lamination products with stronger bonds and better cold foil transfer. Benefits include up to double production speeds versus UV mercury and improved through cure, better cold foil (3pt at 500 FPM) transfer and stronger bonding for structural lamination adhesives on label, tube and industrial applications.

Adhesives from this family demonstrate excellent results for cold foil transfer for self-wound, unsupported films, shrink films and paper where better results are required and often when no other product works. HYPERcure is optimized for speed, cure, flexibility, and high shrinkability, eliminating adhesive cracking for shrink film products and increased bond strength where required with the low energy output of LED /UV lamps.

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