Born in the spirit of New Orleans and Voodoo healer Marie Laveau, Zapp’s Evil Eye potato chips peer into your soul with the reverie of a mysterious, intense stare. In the 1800s, Laveau’s evil eye cast fear, mystery, and hexes into the hearts of the nefarious and noble of New Orleans. And in that spirit of awe comes Zapp’s Evil Eye potato chips. A mild heat underlies the punch found in Evil Eye, with a flavor and hearty crunch that makes you wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. But don’t worry—the evil eye legend is just that, a legend.

 “With the overwhelming response to our Zapp’s Voodoo potato chips, it only makes sense to return to the rich well of Louisiana lore to bring our fans another unique kettle style potato chip. But not just any chip—one that fully embraces the mythos of the evil eye with a cauldron of flavors not found before. And the initial feedback on our social media pages has been amazing: consumers are telling us they love Evil Eye.” – said Tiffani Justh, Vice President of Marketing for Zapp’s.

 Zapp’s Evil Eye potato chips are available in 2 oz, 2.625 oz, 5 oz, and 9 oz Party Size bags; ask for them by name.  Zapp’s Potato Chips is a snack food manufacturer based in Gramercy, Louisiana. For more information,  visit