Berry Global Group, Inc. has announced that to address rising demand it is investing approximately $30 million to increase production capacity for ultra-high performance stretch films. The investment is allocated for new lines and upgrades to existing assets in nine of the company’s North American locations that currently manufacture stretch film.

The projects are set to begin immediately and are expected to be completed by April 2021.

“Stretch film customers continue to seek palletization films that decrease breakage, damage and loss, while reducing wrapping cost and providing sustainable value,” said Mike Hill, resident of Berry’s Engineered Materials Division. “Today’s announcement is in direct alignment with Berry’s commitment to strategically invest in advantaged products within the Engineered Materials Division.”

Transcend and Stratos machine films, and Fortitude hand film are three products within Berry’s portfolio of stretch films that deliver on each of the aforementioned requirements. Accelerated demand and growth is projected for these flagship ultra-high performance products.

Transcend, was developed utilizing Berry’s proprietary MAC technology, and withstands the most rigorous wrapping situations. At low gauges, Transcend delivers film survivability and high-load containment, outperforming other films at higher gauges. Stratos machine film is designed to focus on load containment and source reduction. Per pallet wrapped, Stratos is one of the most efficient stretch films in the market for uniform and semi-regular loads in high-volume applications.

Fortitude hand film is a hybrid hand film engineered to provide the ultimate in operator productivity with light-weight, easy to handle rolls that provide high film yield and excellent holding force for challenging application scenarios.

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