When Frito-Lay sought to introduce a brand of better-for-you snacks, it identified a group of ultimate influencers to inform its strategy. These influencers were critical to the process from beginning to end and provided direction across the brand’s ecosystem. Targeted to women ages 40 - 50, Off the Eaten Path was steered by these “Inspioneers,” women who take on new experiences with refreshing honesty, enthusiasm and authenticity. A strategic collaboration between the internal Pepsico Design team at Frito Lay and creative agency Chase Design Group produced a global design that would work across regions.

According to Paula Hansanugrum, executive creative director, Chase Design Group, “We had in-depth conversations with our aspirational target to understand who they are, what inspires them and explored various designs that genuinely connected with these women.”

The brandmark redesign revolves around the inspirational themes of journey and discovery.  Artful blending of sans-serif and hand-lettered script typography with directional arrows are used to represent guidance. The tagline “Snacks for the Curious” reflects the mindset of the midlife woman consumer. “With a playful brand name, we felt the logo should play a major role in the overall pack hierarchy. It sits at the center of the pack with all the unique ingredients and product layered over and around it,” says Hansanugrum.

The design team used the brand’s unique blend of premium ingredients as the hero on pack. They form a natural path of flavor appeal while vibrant background colors enhance the ingredient photography and help with color-coding the different products that include: Veggie Crisps, Hummus Crisps, Chickpea Veggie Crisps, Chickpea Bites, Veggie Puffs, Pea & Pinto Bean Sticks. The additional color and vibrancy better reflect the influencer’s aesthetics and lifestyle for those who identify as more curious and adventurous.

Product benefits are communicated in three ways: the hero claim on the front of the package indicating differentiation (made with real and unique ingredients); highlighting naturalness (free from artificial preservatives, flavors, and GMOs); and an ingredient path on the back of pack featuring simple graphics and natural photography.

“The Chase Design Group team helped us to successfully harness the power of shared values and a curiosity-driven mindset to create stronger connection and brand love for our products,” says Susan Gornell, brand design director, Pepsico Design, Frito Lay.

Design FIRM: Chase Design Group

Brand: Off The Eaten Path

COMPANY: Frito-Lay

Project origin: United States and Australia