Tectonics is a brand-new application from HYBRID Software which saves flexo plate material and optimizes the use of flexo CTP devices. The software allows flexo customers to automatically optimize the layout of their jobs, reduce waste and optimize CTP usage. With this, the software has a typical return-on-investment within the first six months.

Tectonics works flexibly with any brand of plate and CTP, and this year HYBRID has installed the software already with three customers across the globe.

“With digital printing taking central stage in many technology and product announcements, people tend to forget that flexo printing is still a hugely relevant printing process in our industry”, Nick De Roeck, CTO of HYBRID, explained. “The flexo printing process is well established, and suitable for many packaging applications. Many of our customers create or process flexo plates for their customers. Our growth the last couple of years gave us access to many great companies doing a lot of work with flexo.”

Tectonics is available as a standalone server application or as a module within HYBRID’s CLOUDFLOW workflow software.