Nulogy, a provider of agile supply chain solutions, today announced a partnership with North American food manufacturer and packager Skjodt-Barrett Foods to bolster agility and collaboration within Skjodt-Barrett’s contract manufacturing and custom ingredients operations. Nulogy’s cloud-based Agile Customization Platform enables contract suppliers and consumer brands to collaborate more closely within their networks—paving the way for increased supply chain accuracy, visibility, and security.

Through Nulogy’s Production Scheduling capability, Skjodt-Barrett Foods will digitize the scheduling and planning processes at its contract manufacturing facilities in Brampton, Ontario and Lebanon, Indiana. Automating the entry and flow of scheduling data will drastically reduce business risk and time spent on manual processes, as well as improve network visibility—enabling Skjodt-Barrett’s internal teams to collaborate more effectively on product innovation.

“Partnering alongside an industry leader such as Skjodt-Barrett Foods is a prime opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of digitization in contract manufacturing operations,” says Jason Tham, CEO, Nulogy. “By leveraging the power of automation and smart manufacturing with Nulogy, Skjodt-Barrett Foods is upholding its reputation as a leader in the co-manufacturing food industry, and we are excited to continue working with them to unlock innovation in their operations.”

Brian Reesor, VP supply chain, Skjodt-Barrett Foods confirms, “By choosing Nulogy as an Industry 4.0 partner to deliver automation to our production scheduling, we can ensure that we maintain our high standards of customer service through operational efficiency and food quality and safety.”

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