Terphanea leader and global player in innovative PET films, offers metallized packaging advancements including flexibility, environmental optimization, no breakage, longer shelf-life because of higher barrier capabilities and lower costs in the supply chain for the end user.

Terphane’s developments and investments in new technologies help lower the environmental impacts of packaging materials, both in the production process and after the product’s use.

Globally, metallized flexible plastic packaging is rapidly replacing traditional aluminum foil packaging and rigid containers. In both Europe and South America, this trend is far ahead of the U.S., with leading categories including tomato-based products, powdered milk, soups and coffee, particularly with stand up pouches.  

“Metallized polyester films provide excellent barrier to moisture and oxygen. All Terphane metallized polyester films are thoroughly tested on the line, and these tests verify that our films meet stringent requirements,” explained Marcos Vieira, Global R&D Director.  In contrast, aluminum laminate packaging easily flex-cracks and develops pin holes, while with metallized films this effect is minimized. Metallized films can provide increased consumer safety with post-filled metal inspections via metal detectors which aluminum foil and rigid metal formats cannot.

To ensure total safety, Terphane uses state-of-the-art inspection technology during the metallization process.

Terphane has a wide range of solutions that serve the industry to replace aluminum foil. There are several processes and products that range from the simplest appearance requirements to the highest barrier with full functionality.  Also, with the new metallizer machine that features cutting-edge new technologies, Terphane will develop even more special metallized film types to satisfy customer needs in appearance, barrier and metal bond. The metallized films are perfect for foil replacement in lidding as well, added Marcos.