The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) presented its 2020 Sustainability Award during a special Virtual Awards presentation on Thursday, April 16. The AIMCAL Awards Webinar replaced the traditional Awards Ceremony, planned for the group’s Executive Leadership Conference in March, which was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Winners also will be recognized at the AIMCAL 2020 R2R USA Conference (Oct. 18-21, Orlando, FL).

The Primark wipes package from Flex Films (USA) Inc. (Elizabethtown, KY), the U.S. subsidiary of Uflex Limited, Films Business (Noida, India), earned the Sustainability Award with its completely recyclable asymmetric nylon – polyethylene (5-micron nylon in 20-micron PE)/ reverse-printed/adhesive/60-micron special PE structure. This innovation also earned a Technology Excellence Award. The nylon/PE layers ensure good label adherence through repeated peel/reseal usage and eliminate leaks while the inner sealant layer minimizes evaporation and bonds strongly at lower sealing temperatures. Designed as a replacement for a polyester/PE, the nylon/PE/PE film runs on existing equipment.

The judges liked the asymmetric structure because the nylon enhances the barrier properties and stiffness of the film, but is present at levels so low the material is recyclable in the PE stream. “Wipes are a rapidly growing market,” notes one judge. “This will enhance the sustainability of the category,” he explains.