EDL Double Tight Wrap shrink-wrapping machines employ two perpendicular bands of LDPE film to tightly unitize and totally enclose multipacks of packaged pet food. The two opposing wraps are then fused during heat shrinking to ensure that the individual packages are integrated into a stable unit that eliminates product shifting. This makes the packages easier to integrate into pallet loads and simpler to offload and move by retail customers. Since the process does not fuse the wrapping film to the primary packaging, packs are easily opened for bagged product to be shelved at the retailer.

The wrappers were designed for the bundling of gable-topped, bagged and pouched pet food products, as well as large bags of cat litter. Clamps stabilize bags prior to wrapping and the finished tight wraps are sealed with teflon-coated constant-heat jaws. Maximum wrapping throughput is up to 22.5 bundles per minute, depending on the individual bag size, bag material and bundle pattern. FP

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