One of the key challenges of packaging design is making your product stand out on the shelf among dozens of options. This requires that consumers notice the products and then get it in their hands.

Terphane's matte-finished film is associated with healthier and more sustainable products, particularly when compared side-by-side with older, glossy alternatives. Consumers accept the matte-finish package as a more natural and trustworthy option.

“Our matte films bring an additional advantage: ease of reading all the different information required on the packaging, including nutritional facts, ingredients, recipes and more. Our film’s non-chemical, anti-glare surface makes it a lot easier for consumers to review the information, which interests them and has a positive impact,” ,” explained Ezra Bowen, sales manager of North America with Terphane.

Terphane´s portfolio consists of four main products with matte finish and texture effects. All are FDA/EEC approved for food contact, including high temperature applications.

The company's recently designed VMAT2, the new velvety touch matte film, brings not only an ultra-low gloss and high transparency but also a unique proprietary velvety touch haptic.

“The trend for haptics in packaging is growing fast with some estimates of up to 15%, making it the fastest growing segment in the US,” said Bowen.