How is Davis-Standard addressing automation with its equipment?

A: Davis-Standard provides fully automated converting equipment from unwind, coating and laminating through high-speed winding. Automation at the machine level is handled by safety controllers and our Integrator Pro and EPIC SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) systems. Automation strategies are implemented by an experienced technical team with a deep understanding of the process and equipment. In many cases, unique solutions are developed by our industry experts to meet customer requirements in the key areas of web handling, extrusion, liquid coating and associated control systems. The needs of our global customer base also drive tailored solutions. Continuous monitoring of KPI status (mechanical and electrical system conditions) for machine production, integrated Davis-Standard control systems based on process, and new or retrofitted automated components are just a few ways we support customers.


Can you give any specific examples of how you’ve improved automation with extrusion or coating machines over the past few years?

A: “Smart” technology for continuous process monitoring has been a priority for us. We offer real-time predictive maintenance using our DS Activ-Check system. Early notification of potential failures and the ability to continuously monitor processes reduces unplanned downtime while also collecting valuable data for alerts, training and troubleshooting. For example, an unwind splice and winder transfer assurance package is ideal for terminal equipment. The Activ-Check is also easy to use. It has a cloud-based, configurable platform with a high level of digital security and system architecture that uses tools based on process technology algorithms. This improves product quality and efficiency of the line while allowing for configurable dashboards to collect critical performance data from your lines.


Is increased automation something that your customers are requesting more of?

A: In short, yes. Customers are always seeking the latest productivity tools as it relates to automation and technology. That’s why we’re committed to working collaboratively with customers to ensure our R&D efforts and equipment engineering aligns with their production goals. Everything is done purposefully to improve customer processes and profitability.


Is there anything else you want to share about automation in converting or Davis-Standard in general?

A: Every Davis-Standard system is available with process controls that are operator-friendly, efficient and reliable. These controls are offered with a range of capabilities to address customer parameters and budgets. Our SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are engineered in-house to ensure both quality and value.