Amcor Flexibles North America recently partnered with Espoma Organic, a lawn and garden brand, to innovate more sustainable packaging and launch a new bio-based polymer package. The polyethylene (PE) film contains 25% bio-based material, derived – in this case – from sugar cane.

“Espoma’s values are strongly rooted in responsibility to the environment and sustainability. Using a renewable and sustainable source of plastic allows us to continue our long-standing tradition of industry leading innovation while reducing our carbon footprint,” said Jeremy Brunner, General Manager of Espoma Organic.

Amcor continues to develop and use bio-based materials to reduce reliance on fossil-fuel-derived plastic packaging. Amcor’s bio-based PE solution is recycle ready and may be recycled at store drop-off locations when clean and dry. It also delivers similar technical properties and product protection to traditional plastics while lowering carbon emissions.