For the first time ever, Lucky Charms fans can now enjoy a pouch of magically delicious Just Magical Marshmallows. To celebrate the launch, Lucky Charms is surprising fans with a spectacular in the sky, in Los Angeles on Aug. 31 and New York City on Sept. 1.

Earlier this month, Lucky Charms’ famous marshmallow charms were mysteriously losing their magic, and the only hope in restoring them was to use the power of the special Lucky Charms song: “Hearts, Stars and Horseshoes. Clovers and Blue Moons. Unicorns, Rainbows and Tasty Red Balloons!” From coast to coast, families and superfans came to the rescue, singing the melody and reviving the magic of the charms. Little did they know, they’d create a sound so powerful it would unlock a magical force never seen before – Just Magical Marshmallows!

Lucky Charms Marshmallow-Only boxes have been offered through popular promotions in the past, but this is the first time Just Magical Marshmallows are available for purchase nationwide at select retailers. The special 6 oz. resealable pouch features all eight of consumers' favorite charms and is currently available for a limited time, while supplies last,. The Just Magical Marshmallows will become more widely available in September. 

“Lucky Charms is the only magical marshmallow cereal and I’m so excited to see that families across the country helped bring the magic back,” said Mindy Murray, senior brand experience manager for Lucky Charms. “To thank our fans for helping us restore this magic, we’re celebrating the launch of the Just Magical Marshmallows with a spectacle that embodies the magic of Lucky Charms.”

Keep your eyes on the sky because you won’t want to miss the magical surprise Lucky Charms has for its fans! Here are a few fun clues:

  • Hollywood (Aug. 31): Take a lunch time walk and keep your eyes on the Hollywood Hills
  • Huntington Beach (Aug. 31): Need an afternoon break? Look towards the beach for a view sure to be as magical as the California sunset
  • New York (Sept. 1): This dinner time spectacle will make you want to go straight to dessert