Kao Corporation announced the Raku-raku Switch for use with its film-type Raku-raku Eco Pack Refill. The switch is designed to dispense a fixed amount of liquid contents with one push. The Raku-raku Switch attaches to the opening of the Raku-raku Eco Pack Refill, which is made of plastic film. At one end of the Raku-raku Switch is the dispenser spout, and in the middle is a soft, dome-shaped button. Pressing the button dispenses a fixed amount of the liquid in the same way liquid contents are dispensed by depressing a pump. The design also prevents air and water from entering the pack even while the contents are being dispensed to maintain a sanitary state inside, and it enables users to fully use up the liquid contents.

Kao says that the packaging design reduces plastic use by approximately 50% compared with plastic bottles with a pump dispenser. Development and launch of the Raku-raku Switch is one of Kao's efforts to eliminate the use of plastic bottles as part of its priority actions aimed at Innovation in Reduction, aligned with its ESG Strategy, the Kirei Lifestyle Plan.

The Raku-raku Switch will be launched with Bioré u The Body - Body Lotion for Wet Skin, to be released on September 19, 2020.

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