Karlville announced the launch of new laminator that combines both thermal and solventless adhesive lamination technologies. Currently in beta, the new machine is designed to give users the best of both technologies with a compact combination laminator.

The company says that the new machine has proven thermal lamination technology with adjustable wrap angle and precise tension control. Other features include:

  • Solventless adhesive technology with 5 roller coating system.
  • Excellent Dosing via geared pump Bi-2 Mixer.
  • Accurate adhesive coat width via sleeved transfer roller.
  • Precise coat weight measurement via inline infrared sensor.
  • Closed-loop tension control via dancer.
  • VPN access for service.
  • Ideal for HP Indigo 6900 and HP Indigo 20000 presses.
  • Optional LASX Laser window cutting turnkey accessory.

“Our COMBI thermal and solventless laminator allows customers to have the best of both worlds to compete at all levels; luxury finishes and pre-lam price. For label printers entering space, the COMBI will allow them to lower risk of startup as well as prepare to compete with conventional solventless dedicated converters. For large multinational converters, the COMBI brings innovation as the supply chain for thermal is ample and diverse. The COMBI allows you to be have a clear path for growth. We are really excited to bring this new COMBI laminator to the market as it will certainly satisfy a need within the converter community,” says Raul Matos, vice-president Sales and Marketing, Karlville.

Visit www.karlville.com for more information.