Epson announced two label applicators have been designed specifically for the ColorWorks CW-C6000P on-demand label printer with peel-and-present capabilities. The General Data PAC5 and the LabelMill LM3612CTT label applicator, when combined with the Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000P, deliver an on-demand, full color print-and-apply labeling solution. The Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000P 4-inch model, as well as the ColorWorks CW-C6500P 8-inch model, are the first printers with peel-and-present coupled with remote I/O control, enabling integration with an automated label applicator to print, then apply the label.

“Both LabelMill and General Data are experienced leaders in the applicator market, with great depth of experience in creating products for any packaging need, whether food, transportation or manufacturing,” says Bonny Chou, product manager, Commercial Labels, Epson America, Inc. “In today’s world, workers must be vigilant about safety, often needing to wear gloves on the production line, which makes peeling and applying labels difficult. Using the peel-and-present option, or an automated label applicator, are ways to maintain an efficient workflow.”

The PAC5 color label print and apply label applicator is designed to make label printing and applying easier and simpler. The solution prints full color labels on blank media, then automatically applies the label to a wide variety of products. The PAC5 is available as a manual or fully automatic print and apply. After sending a color label job to the printer, the machine detects the presence of a product and triggers the start of the application process. The PAC5 is attached to the Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000P printer in order to print, feed a label on to the pad and extend the dual tamps to apply the label. Once the label is applied, the PAC5 retracts the tamps allowing the cycle to repeat. A video of the PAC5 can be found at:

Designed as a compact, semi-automatic tabletop configuration, the LabelMill label applicator is built for heavy-duty industrial use and offers a user-friendly interface for quick changeovers and adjustments. The LabelMill solution offers an adjustable product fixture, providing the flexibility to label a wide range of products with repeatable precision. A video of the LabelMill LM3612CTT full color print and apply label applicator can be found at:

The Epson ColorWorks C6000-Series are the first printers specifically designed as a color upgrade to black-only thermal transfer printers.1 Four models deliver high-volume color labels for production use, speeding through labels at up to 5-inches per second.2 The CW-C6500P and CW-C6000P are the first ever color inkjet printers to support peel-and-present capabilities for fast hand or automated label application,3 and the CW-C6500A and CW-C6000A include an auto cutter to create variable length labels and enable easy job separation.

1 The CW-C6000/C6500 family is the first to bring to market the combination of features of direct ZPL II printing, peel-and-present, remote printer management, companion four- and eight-inch models, applicator I/O interface, broad middleware support, and comparable price points.

2 Printing in Max Speed Mode, 300 x 600 dpi, 3.6” (92 mm) print width.

3 Compared to color inkjet label printers available in the U.S. and Canada as of July 2019.