Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP announced that it has designed a new range of frozen chicken products for Tyson Foods Inc, launched in the European Foodservice market.

The new range of 28 frozen poultry products is to be sold to restaurants, cafés and caterers. The 2-tier range, which caters to a broad range of consumers, includes raw, skewers, coated and fried varieties such as Southern Fried Crispy Chicken Mini Fillets and Coated Chicken Schnitzel. The “Specialty” and “Core” ranges are delineated by black and red packaging. The shelf-life of the products is 18-months and they are calibrated, enabling chefs to control portions whilst encouraging zero-food waste.

P&W ensured diff­erentiation between each product via color-coding and product photography in order to demonstrate to chefs an appetizing representation of the cooked product. P&W assisted with art-directing the original product photography, captured by Stephen Conroy.

The packaging contains a total of 13 languages on back and front of pack for each product. It was essential for P&W to address the language and labeling needs of customers to help ensure the success of the Tyson brand across all European countries.

P&W Partner, Adrian Whitefoord, directed the project. He comments: “It was vital our creative team produce strong and communicative packaging for Tyson, which expressed a mouth-watering product serving, integrated the numerous languages, provided clarity for chefs and stood out from competitor foodservice brands. We’ve succeeded in creating the new range, a catalog and packaging guidelines in our first project with the company. We look forward to partnering with Tyson again across their exciting and growing portfolio of products.”