LUXE PACK announced the launch of “My LUXE PACK Monaco” — a supplemental digital platform for both exhibitors and visitors to optimize and extend their live Monaco show experience as well as facilitate the brands that cannot attend with access to the show’s offering. The purpose of this program is to expand the reach of the physical show and guarantee exhibitors 360° visibility within the entire international LUXE PACK community.

Additional Visibility for Exhibitors

The My LUXE PACK Monaco digital platform also allows exhibitors to cross the borders beyond the Grimaldi Forum and the three day show for added visibility with the largest community of brands sourcing the best in global luxury packaging.

The digital visibility will be targeted to:

  • all the brands and teams preparing their visit to Monaco;
  • all decision-makers unable to attend the show;
  • teams that don’t attend on an annual basis;
  • specific profiles, such as designers or independent brands.

Exhibitors will be able to measure the impact of their participation in real time through a dashboard with various live indicators.

An Improved Visitor Experience

My LUXE PACK Monaco also intends to improve the visitor experience by supporting visitors before, during and after the event. Hybrid lounges have been introduced, and all participants will need to be pre-registered for the event to access the digital platform (regardless of whether or not the visitor intends to physically attend).

Prior to the show, visitors can browse the list of exhibitors and their products, contact suppliers via secure messaging, make appointments (physical or virtual), select conferences or events they wish to attend, and curate their schedule. The platform is intended to generate personalized recommendations of companies, innovations and conferences according to each visitor's specific business needs.

After the show, and for the first time, the show's content and conferences will be posted on the platform for exclusive access to the show’s essentials (innovations, inspiration, sourcing and testimonials from brands and experts).

My LUXE PACK will be launched in early November.

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