HiFlow Solutions announced its participation in the 2020 InterTech Technology Awards, sponsored by Printing Industries of America. The InterTech Technology Awards honor the development of innovative technologies for graphic communications and related industries, which will have a significant impact for the printing and packaging industries. HiFlow Solutions chose to enter its HiFlow Workflow Diagram.

The HiFlow Workflow Diagram is a one-screen, graphic view of the entire production workflow from prepress through production. Its graphic representation is designed to make workflow understandable, and quickly and easily accessed. Graphical presentation aims to make it easy for estimators, production planners and schedulers to quickly see a job’s complete workflow.

HiFlow’s Workflow Diagram is developed based on a graph, a non-linear data structure that organizes data in an interconnected network. The company says this allows for more comprehensive information to be included in the diagram.

Additionally, it also maps actual production processes with technological parameters and costs assigned to each of them. This allows managers to compare production costs calculated for the job in the estimate, versus production costs as it is released into scheduling, and finally, managers see shop floor data collection costs. In this way, they can identify problems and increase production efficiency at the level of each production operation.

AI (Artificial intelligence) is a key element in the Workflow Diagram. It detects possible errors in operations presented in the HiFlow Workflow Diagram before they occur during production. As a result, many very costly problems can be avoided.

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