Consumers buying Yeo Valley Organic’s Little Yeos yogurt pouches will be able to request a free recycling kit from the company’s website. This kit will enable them to send the pouch, minus the lid, in a pre-paid envelope to packaging recycler Enval.

Using its unique proprietary pyrolysis solution capable of handling low-density packaging waste, Enval will recycle each component of the pouches into materials that can be reprocessed and go back into circulation. Enval’s technology separates the plastic and aluminum from the pouches and prevents them from ending up in landfill. This is expected to help create a circular process for aluminum recycling, as waste materials will be turned into the building blocks used to manufacture new materials before being reintroduced into the supply chain.

Created by Enval in 2018, the Laminates League aims to raise awareness around the recyclability of laminate packaging and has developed a process for recycling it. By joining it, Yeo Valley Organic estimates that it will prevent 150,000 of Little Yeos pouches from entering landfill, being incinerated or finding their way into rivers and oceans.

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