Mondi unveiled its latest uncoated fine paper highlights and innovations. Recent developments include a grass paper for premium packaging and new shades to its premium brand PERGRAPHICA.

IQ GRASS+ PACKAGING grass paper for premium packaging

IQ GRASS+ PACKAGING which uses fast-growing grass as a fiber source, and was developed in close collaboration with customers. The combination of 30% grass fiber and 70% fresh fiber from sustainable resources are intended to give this new niche product a natural and unique look and feel, making it suitable for premium shopping bags as well as liners for high-quality corrugated and solid board packaging. IQ GRASS+ PACKAGING reportedly has a high tear strength compared to typical uncoated fine paper products, is optimized for flexo printing, used for various types of packaging, and has a food safety certification for dry/non-fatty foods. The new material is available to order across Europe from September 2020 onward. First projects have already been successfully implemented with customers.

New PERGRAPHICA shades for premium creative design, print and luxury packaging

Mondi has launched 31 new colors in its premium PERGRAPHICA range to extend its offering. Alongside 10 rich and 10 pale shades, the new portfolio includes a variety of 10 dark and deep shades and the recently launched PERGRAPHICA Infinite Black, which are intended for luxury packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, wines, champagnes and spirits, as well as boutique bags. The new PERGRAPHICA deep and dark shades are presented in a “Wow Box” enhanced with special finishing techniques to show how PERGRAPHICA lends itself to diverse luxury packaging applications.

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