MacDermid Graphics Solutions (MGS) announced the addition of its SightCall visual assistance platform.

SightCall integrates with MacDermid’s Salesforce platform and is an interactive tool for virtual communication between customers and technicians. This program is designed to enable live audio and video transmitted from a mobile device to a MacDermid technician during remote maintenance. The technician can see and assess the situation via live video, allowing for rapid and complete evaluation of the issue. MacDermid technicians can now see and share information, improving communication, reducing misunderstandings and accelerating problem resolution.

“We are continuously looking to improve and implement valuable tools for our technical service and support. The COVID-19 pandemic escalated our need for on-demand, virtual support. SightCall not only provides the features we desire but also seamlessly integrates into our Salesforce ecosystem. We are excited to provide the value-add of interactive, live video assistance and diagnostics to our customers,” says Nancy Barto, director, global customer relations, MacDermid Graphics Solutions.

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