ELPLAST has introduced its new EL-ZIP Child Safe zipper for flexible packaging designed to integrate both safety and appeal by being difficult for children, yet simple for adults, to open.

The new zipper was designed for products that require packaging with child-resistant features such as household chemicals, vitamins/supplements and medicinal marijuana.

Other benefits, according to the company, include:

  • Lower cost than other child-resistant closure solutions
  • Compatible with horizontal and vertical FFS packaging machinery and premade pouch converting equipment
  • Produced to ISO22000, ISO14001 and BRC Packaging certifications

The company says that its child-resistant zipper was tested by two different panels: 154 preschool children and 100 adults over the age of 50, in order to assess each group’s level of ease and difficulty in opening the closure.

Testing was performed according to PN-EN ISO 8317:2016-03. Participants tested stand-up pouches with two different dimensions: 152 x 520 mm and 240 x 580 mm. None of them had a professional role in designing, producing or using the packages outside of testing.

Contact sales@elplasteurope.com or visit www.elplastgroup.com for more information.