Amcor announced it has received prequalification to carry How2Recycle’s store drop-off label on consumer packaging for a variety of barrier and non-barrier specs in the AmPrima PE Plus heat resistant portfolio, subject to conditions like product application and final package design.

“This is exciting for Amcor and our customers. It’s an outstanding step forward as we work toward our commitment to make all of our packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025,” says Amcor Flexibles North America Sales and Marketing Vice President Laurel Spencer.

“Prequalification saves time, cost, and reduces risk for brand-owners and retailers by eliminating the need to engage external labs for recycle-ready testing in the development phase. In short, it allows our customers to take their packaging straight from package development to How2Recycle to request usage of the How2Recycle store drop-off label,” says Spencer.

Recently launched by How2Recycle, prequalification letters are intended to simplify How2Recycle’s label request process by confirming brands or retailers have opted for a film structure that already has been assigned a particular How2Recycle label and recyclability designation.

Amcor Research and Development Senior Fellow Otacilio Berbert notes that mixed-material films perform very well as packaging and on production lines; but, are unable to be recycled. “It’s why the innovation behind AmPrima PE Plus is so exciting; it’s the solution to a problem that has challenged the industry. At Amcor, we’ve invested years researching how to replace layers that aren’t compatible with the PE film recycling stream and still are able to deliver speed and performance previously reserved for mixed-materials packaging.”

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