RM2, which embeds autonomous IoT sensor technology in its hygienic BLOCKPal reusable pallets, announced the opening of the company’s newest automated pallet wash and sort facility in Rogers, Ark. The 4.5-acre facility is RM2’s third automated wash facility and 33rd network location in the U.S. The facility, which is operated in partnership with RM2’s logistics partner, Priority Global Express Inc., has a 1.2 million annual pallet washing capacity.

“Not only will the facility double RM2’s wash capacity in the region,” says Kevin Mazula, CEO of RM2, “but also it is the latest in ‘smart connected’ facilities that leverage ELIoT, RM2’s cloud-based supply chain intelligence platform, to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility to our customers.”

By embedding the company’s autonomous sensor technology in its non-porous, washable reusable pallets, RM2 says it is meeting demands for high-volume food producers and retailers nationwide. At each of RM2’s cleaning facilities, BLOCKPal pallets are washed in standardized machines in an automated two-step process which is designed to ensure consistent cleaning and drying of the pallets. After the wash process is complete, pallets are swabbed to confirm acceptable ATP readings.

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