Polyonics, a provider of high-temperature and harsh environment label and tag materials, announced the issuance of its first ever U.S. patent for technology that improves the antistatic properties and durability of the company’s electrostatic dissipative (ESD) coatings and label materials.

Developed by Polyonics’ coating experts, the invention, covered by U.S. Patent No 10,689,548, will be used to design durable surface coatings and high-temperature label materials that withstand harsh PCB processes while meeting all the standards for ESD applications. Label materials engineered with a highly durable top surface, low-charging label peel and a static dissipative face help eliminate at- or post-assembly product loss associated with ESD events and the additional costs due to label failure and rework.

This new technology is intended to work with the company’s durable topcoats that meet ANSI/ESD S20.20 standards and ANSI/ ESD STM11.11 requirements for static dissipative label materials. In addition to being used where a low voltage charged and discharged energy is desired, including for printed circuit boards, electronic components and other electric charge-sensitive areas, it may be used for high-temperature labels, such as those used in automotive and aeronautic applications.

“This patent is just one example of our commitment to the advancement and continuous improvement of our distinctive chemistries so we can develop label materials that meet the critical functionality and durability requirements needed to withstand harsh PCB manufacturing processes,” says Jim Clemente, president and CEO of Polyonics.

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