Brown Machine Group (BMG) announced its new NAS e-Wrap Series vertical wrapper, an automated wrapping system aimed at increasing throughput and efficiencies while reducing material costs and manual labor. The e-Wrap Series wrappers are designed for a wide array of e-commerce markets, including apparel; office equipment/supplies; tool and part suppliers; and publications; as well as the sampling industry; pharmaceuticals; and the fulfillment markets.

The e-Wrap Series has a small footprint and user-friendly controls while offering plug and play functionality with easy installation and a patented low-temperature sealing system aimed at reducing maintenance and downtime. Using center folded roll stock to sleeve product into a bag, the e-Wrap Series automatically forms an envelope for product to be placed, seals it and applies a shipping label. It can be used for sealing polyethylene, polyolefin and poly mailing. The e-Wrap Series features an auto bag length feature that saves n on material use and eliminates the need for pre-made bags.

The e-Wrap Series is adaptable to multiple warehouse management systems (WMS) and can be integrated into existing automated robotic conveyor systems. It also provides integrated printer and shipping labeling functions in one package.

Available in a variety of seal assembly configurations to make bags from 8 in. x 10 in. to 20 in. x 20 in., the NAS e-Wrap Series vertical wrapper features an adjustable seal assembly opening of up to 12 in.. It is offered in both pneumatic and servo-driven operations.

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