Drawing on a collection of almost 100 global and local reports, case studies and insights from experts including McKinsey, Mintel and Nielsen, Davidson Branding announced that it has curated a report highlighting seven key drivers of consumer behavior that it says define successful modern-day FMCG brands. The agency says that these are “the things that actually impact what people buy in the supermarket and whether they will repurchase it.” The study examines both the long-term trends and the short-term impact of COVID-19 on consumers, their lives, and the role food and beverage plays.

The agency says that these seven drivers are fundamental to consumers’ relationship with brands, the ways in which shoppers perceive and integrate them is constantly evolving. It adds that COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of change as it’s led to 46% of Australian grocery shoppers committing to new brands.

Here’s a snapshot of the seven consumer drivers covered in more detail in the Future of FMCG report:

  1. You have to fit into my life – ‘cos it’s stressful enough already.
  2. I’m not like everyone else – so forget mass marketing.
  3. I am going to be healthy – help me or lose me.
  4. You need to keep it simple – ‘cos that’s the essence of healthy food.
  5. I love a lil’ variety – I want to spend my budget on new tastes and ingredients.
  6. My impact matters – I can eat and make a better world.
  7. You have to do better – share my values, and you can share my life.

Visit https://davidsonbranding.com.au/the-future-of-fmcg/ for more information.