Xaar has presented a new white paper, "What goes around, comes around," comparing its TF Technology ink recirculation with alternative ink recirculation techniques used by other manufacturers.

According to the paper, a printhead’s architecture influences ink recirculation techniques and printing and jetting applications. Ink recirculation is common, but the white paper suggests printing technologies are not all equal.

With Hybrid Side Shooter printhead architecture, Xaar’s TF Technology enables ink to flow past the back of the nozzle during drop ejection at high flow rates to ensure nozzles are primed and firing, keeping the printhead operational with ink in constant motion and preventing sedimentation, air bubbles, particles and nozzle blocking, particularly in heavily pigmented inks.

 “Xaar’s TF Technology ink recirculation completely revolutionized inkjet printing and has become an essential feature for a wide range of industrial inkjet applications,” says Angus Condie, director of technology at Xaar and one of the authors of the white paper.

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