According to GlobalData, Conagra Brand’s active jobs doubled from 200 in April to around 400 in October 2020, with hiring inclined toward production facilities and supply chain requirements. Conagra increased spending on health and safety protocols, posting more than 500 jobs in June to keep pace with the demand of a more diet-conscious market and single-serve meals and snacks, which contributed the most sales for its quarter ending August 2020.

Conagra also posted senior-level jobs to manage supply logistics, business planning, talent acquisition and procurement schedules. Sumit Chopra, Director of Consumer Research at GlobalData, says: “With these unique conditions spurring concerns over nutrition and existing lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes, there will be greater focus on holistic health, value for money via a subscription model and ecommerce moving forward. Conagra’s hiring strategy in 2020 is reflective of its focus on these trends and it is expected to be instrumental in driving new product innovation.”

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