Winpak recently commissioned Circular Matters, a U.S.-based consulting firm dedicated to bringing about the Circular Economy, to investigate and speak with subject matter experts to understand the current state of our journey toward a circular economy and the role that recycle-ready innovations in flexible packaging play in progressing this initiative.

Flexible plastic packaging (FPP) brings numerous benefits including lighter weight, extended product shelf life, strength, convenience features such as zippered closures, and the ability to fully evacuate contents. A significant drawback, however, has been a lack of sustainable end-of-life management options. This paper examines our current state as the industry faces growing consumer concern regarding plastic waste and its end of life. It also notes the strong collaboration and sense of urgency by all participants in the value chain. Finally, given that full circular economy solutions may be several years away, the case is made for consideration of recycle-ready innovations today as an important step in achieving the circular economy.

Philip Crowder, director of corporate sustainability, states, “I am grateful to all contributors and Circular Matters in the development of this white paper. Our industry is at a crossroads, and I hope this paper provides useful insights to help companies progress in their journey towards more sustainable packaging.”

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