MacDermid Graphics Solutions and SOMA announced a strategic partnership that includes the installation of SOMA equipment, including the Optima2 printing press, at MacDermid's global headquarters in Atlanta.

The companies says that the partnership will transform MacDermid’s headquarters into “a one-of-a-kind, global innovation center designed to help the flexo and packaging industries explore innovative solutions.”

Leigh Carpenter, marketing manager for MacDermid Graphics Solutions, says, "MacDermid is thrilled to work with SOMA. Our innovative products and systems combined with SOMA's world-class press technology allow us to expand our sales and service capabilities to better serve our customers."

MacDermid's current innovation center in Atlanta includes a full suite of the prepress software, plate and print analysis technologies, thermal and solvent platemaking systems, and liquid photopolymer platemaking equipment. SOMA’s installation will include the Optima2, SOMA’s next-generation flexo press with new intelligent automation features. With the addition of SOMA's equipment in MacDermid’s global headquarters in Atlanta, the center will expand customer support to product benchmarking, print trials, hands-on press training, print application research and print troubleshooting.

"Our current innovation center is outstanding for pre-press and platemaking; however, with the addition of SOMA and their Optima2 printing press, we will offer a truly unique customer experience," states Brad Wills, global senior vice president for MacDermid Graphics Solutions.

Wills continues, "This enhanced center will be designed for the global flexo and packaging industries to collaborate on innovations, optimize processes and create new standards for flexo excellence. We look forward to expanding on our strategic partnership with SOMA throughout 2021 and beyond."

“While we certainly live in a globally connected world, SOMA understands that local resources are significant reference centers to explore and test new trends and innovations in flexographic printing. As we build our North American presence, we need to make it convenient and inspirational for people to collaborate with us,” explains Pavla Kusa, commercial director, SOMA.

“SOMA’s partnership with MacDermid will allow all of us to collaborate with the flexo printing community and offer an all-encompassing center that truly allows anyone to experience new possibilities with a full range of prepress to press tools,” comments Garrett Taylor, SOMA sales director, U.S. and Canada.

MacDermid Graphics Solutions and SOMA expect the Optima2 press to be installed during the second half of 2021.

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