Schur Flexibles has joined the “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” initiative, a response from the international business community to take effective action in the fight against climate change. Schur Flexibles Group specializes in made-to-measure, tailored packaging and protective packaging solutions.

“Our team has a strong willingness to shape the future of the organization of the whole industry,” explains Schur Flexibles CEO Michael Schernthaner. “We at Schur Flexibles are the accelerator of change for a better world through protective packaging solutions. This means to consistently focus on ‘How we produce.’ To us, protecting the packed goods is just as important as taking responsibility for the effects of our business on people — employees, consumers and partners along the entire value chain, as well as our environment.“

5R Strategy and Collaboration to Drive Sustainability

Schur Flexibles follows the goals of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and partners with organizations like the Save Food initiative, which seeks to raise awareness of food waste, and start-up Recyda, whose database will provide access to European-wide information on recyclability of packaging material. The group’s 5R sustainability program, with its focus on responsibility, follows an approach to recycling, replace, reduction and renewal along the group’s value chain.

Partnering with “Operation Clean Sweep,” aligns Schur Flexibles with eliminating plastic flakes, powders and granulates. As a voluntary scheme taken on by leaders of the plastic industry, Operation Clean Sweep ensures that the industry holds itself accountable for reducing carbon emissions and plastic waste materials. “As a group, we assume our common responsibility to avoid the release of our materials into the environment — this includes all our sites, not only the ones that handle granulates,” says Fiene Berger, manager corporate responsibility, Schur Flexibles. In addition, Schur Flexibles has introduced its own regular internal audits, which help to both prove Schur Flexibles’ track record for responsible waste management and position the company as a global climate leader.

The “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” program presents a global documentation series in cooperation with TBD Media, features placed via international news agency Bloomberg and a summit in cooperation with the UN in 2021. All aiming to show concrete solutions of the business community to fight climate change.

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