Easysnap Technology’s semi-rigid single-dose packages for liquid and creamy substances are designed to open with the use of a single hand. Access to the product within the packages is done by folding it in half. There are no tabs to tear or parts to discard, and there are no caps. The standard range is from 0.1 to 25-30 ml. Customized sizes and volumes are available for a brand’s selling units, and the maximum filling capacity for each size can change in relation to the packed product’s viscosity. The whole surface of an Easysnap pack, both front and back, can be designed with a brand’s visual identity or communication.

Easysnap is intended for use with people of all ages and the company says it is able to dispense content in a precise, clean and waste- free way, guaranteeing the right quantities and a very high product return. These features have attracted a number of companies, including Delta Air Lines and Open Book Extracts.

Delta Air Lines has chosen the Easysnap single-dose for the sanitizing gel included in its “care kit” for passengers, and Open Book Extracts (OBX), a cGMP-certified manufacturer and distributor of plant-based cannabinoid products, has been selected as the preferred partner for Easysnap.

With the agreement, OBX will serve as the preferred partner for Easysnap manufacturing for all cannabinoids. Easysnap production will take place at OBX's cGMP manufacturing facility, located in Roxboro, N.C. Current OBX offerings for Easysnap include tinctures, topical products such as lotions and hand sanitizer, and liquid beverage enhancers, and future offerings to include sexual lubricants and cosmetics.

"Open Book Extracts continually strives to bring innovation to the cannabinoid industry," says Dave Neundorfer, OBX CEO. "Easysnap addresses the two biggest challenges facing our consumers today: reliable dosing and accessible pricing. We look forward to the many possibilities the Easysnap technology offers to provide easy yet sophisticated solutions for today's cannabinoid consumers."

"We are extremely pleased to recommend Open Book Extracts as our preferred manufacturing partner for cannabinoid products, to fully develop the market for the patented one-hand opening and dispensing unit dose." says Andrea Taglini, co-founder of Easysnap. "We are excited to expand our brand in the cannabinoid industry, as well as continue to develop our patented and innovative proprietary technologies."

Visit www.easysnap.com and www.openbookextracts.com for more information.