Enercon Industries Corp. released its technical paper, “Best Practices & Developments in Solventless Laminating,” which shares insights on recent advancements in laminating process technology, adhesive chemistry and equipment design. The paper discusses how operators can use basic principles and variables to maximize production, optimize adhesion and productivity and reduce waste.

The paper includes best practices from industry experts. Giancarlo Caimmi, commercial director for Nordmeccanica Group, shares insights on equipment design advancements that can enable converters to add solventless laminating to their offerings. Amira Marine, technical service and development for Dow Adhesives, provides information on how to select the right adhesive lamination chemistry for application. Tom Gilbertson, Enercon’s VP of application engineering, reveals keys to preparing films for bonding with the solventless laminating process.

Mark Plantier, Enercon’s VP of marketing says, “This technical paper provides the industry with a comprehensive guide to solventless laminating best practices. It’s ideal for experienced production supervisors, equipment operators and engineers, as well as those new to the technology looking to gain an edge.”

Printers and converters who integrate solventless laminating offer its customers a single source for flexible packaging. According to the paper, recent advancements in the laminating process technology, adhesive chemistry and equipment design can make implementing a solventless laminating operation easier.

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