Royal Armenia was the first coffee maker in Armenia to set itself apart from competitors by packaging its coffee in a stand-up format. Helping the company in its efforts were machines from Volpak.

“The obvious advantages include the greater versatility in the changeover and the higher productivity. It is very important for us, because we produce three types of formats: 100-, 250- and 400-g packages, including both beans and ground coffee, as well as other types of products like pepper, for example,” said Ruben Akopian, vice director and co-owner of Royal Armenia, on Volpak’s solutions.

The machines from Volpak mentioned by Akopian ended up being four in total: two horizontal form-fill-seal machines that produce stand-up pouches, and two vertical machines to produce vertical pouches.

The companies both state that the success of the project has confirmed the relationship between Royal Armenia and Volpak, and it has “consolidated the foundations for the continuation of the partnership.”