Polyonics, a developer and manufacturer of label and tag materials, announced Polyonics HIGHdegree tag and label materials to ensure accurate tracking and identification of hot metals through the manufacturing process and allow factories and foundries to potentially avoid product recalls and implement plant automation. 
The HIGHdegree line is rated up to 1,292 °F. and labels and tags can be applied directly to or hung from coils, rolls, bars, sheets, rebar, tubes, wire bundles, etc. as they leave furnaces for accurate inventory control and traceability. The company says the durability and performance of HIGHdegree materials through extreme heat eliminates the risk of mislabeled or incorrectly labeled materials and unreadable barcodes, as well as the costs associated with product recalls and labor associated with manual labelling and tagging.
“For over 25 years we’ve proudly provided reliable, durable, long-lasting label and tag solutions for identification, tracking and manufacturing, primarily in the electronics and PCB markets. Over the years, we found that our label and tag materials can withstand the punishing demands of metal processing. So, we are making a significant investment in R&D and strategically focusing on innovations for the metals processing market, which represents a significant growth area for us,” says Jim Clemente, president and CEO of Polyonics.
HIGHdegree polyimide and aluminum bar code label materials feature non-yellowing polymer or silicone print surfaces suitable for thermal transfer printing and high temperature acrylic or ultra-high temperature silicone pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs). According to the company, HIGHdegree tag materials are alternatives to riveted plates, chalk or crayons for tracking hot metals in foundries. It offers high tear resistance with no removal during storage or delivery, potentially eliminating health and safety risks associated with hot metals while delivering track and trace accuracy and inventory accountability.
For more information visit www.polyonics.com.