The EFI Engage worldwide conference features groundbreaking innovations that accelerate customers’ ability to profitably and efficiently transition from analog to digital printing. The conference, held Jan. 25-Feb. 5, features a virtual exhibition hall, along with demos and presentations on advanced Productivity Suite MIS/ERP, inkjet printing and Fiery digital front end (DFE) solutions. Advanced super-wide format inkjet technologies at Engage include a new, higher-throughput VUTEk XT hybrid device — one of multiple super-wide format display graphics production solutions launching at the event.
In addition to workshops, presentations, seminars and discussions on commercial printing, packaging and inkjet display graphics applications, EFI Engage will be the first global EFI users conference to feature a full training track on industrial textile printing, with training and demos on the full portfolio of EFI Reggiani digital production solutions for apparel and textile manufacturing.
The event features comprehensive training for corrugated and other package converting applications, as well as introductory sessions detailing important opportunities in the building materials market, including EFI Cretaprint tile decoration solutions along with high-quality industrial digital production applications using EFI Cubik single-pass printers for digital wood staining and decoration.
“EFI Engage features a wealth of content and information to help customers learn about important new opportunities, as well as gain actionable ideas that can propel them into a more efficient and profitable ‘next normal’ phase of business,” says Jeff Jacobson, EFI chairperson and CEO. “Attendees will learn about the strengths they can create in the future with leading-edge workflow innovation, along with the important expansion in print’s analog-to-digital evolution that comes with our newest, most-advanced inkjet solutions.”

Solutions premiering during Engage include:

  • The new version 9 releases in EFI’s Productivity Suite offerings, which provide comprehensive, validated, end-to-end business and production management workflows for commercial print, mailing, display graphics, publication and packaging operations— based on EFI’s MIS/ERP platforms, including Monarch, Pace, Radius, CTI and Technique software.
  • EFI’s new super-high-speed VUTEk XT hybrid printer— a solution designed to drive a significant reduction in total cost of ownership with throughput exceeding 375 boards per hour, innovative ink delivery, and the power of EFI’s integrated workflow. New CP5G ink delivery technology on the printer delivers complete ink circulation, superior dot placement, 5-picoliter drops and greyscale imaging; a robust feature set provides fine text imaging and near-lithographic imaging with a four-color CMYK ink sets.
  • Single-Pass for Display Graphics printer, optimized for high-volume production on signage media, at speeds up to 1,000 sheets per hr.
  • EFI’s roll-to-roll super-wide format printers; new 138 and 198-inch wide EFI VUTEk Q3r and Q5r UV LED printers that deliver capabilities for a challenging, high-volume applications, with premium features such as multi-layer white and high-value in-line finishing, collection and auto backlit and blockout options that help users achieve a remarkably low total cost of operation.
  • EFI’s Fiery Command WorkStation management interface, version 6.6, which delivers the company’s search interface capabilities and curve and spot-color editing capabilities, along with access to additional features, such as the EFI IQ suite of cloud-based applications to help printing businesses extract value from data to minimize bottlenecks, optimize equipment utilization and achieve higher print quality.
  • The latest version of Fiery JobFlow, a prepress production automation solution that gives users the power to upscale images with excellent output quality, reorganize PDF pages to make long jobs more manageable and collect jobs based on time to ensure meeting production deadlines.
  •  Through more than 200 online conference sessions, EFI says Engage highlights the expanded possibilities print and packaging businesses can achieve with leaner, faster, more-efficient and more integrated print production. The EFI Fiery Command WorkStation helps users manage digital print operations, even across multiple printers and locations, and produce higher quality print with fewer mistakes.

“The latest features delivered in Fiery Command WorkStation make it more than just a pre-press and press operators’ tool,” says Fiery Command WorkStation 6.6 user Tom Griffiths, CEO of Page Visions, a design and print agency. “The new Advanced Search with version 6.6 means we are able to get very granular with our job filtering and combine parameters to create production efficiencies. Plus, the fact that Fiery Command WorkStation’s stability is rock solid is also massive for us.”
Launching during Engage is the newest version of EFI Fiery JobFlow software, which allows users can scale images for wide and super-wide format applications. A pages module in the software enables operators to manage long jobs by splitting up a PDF using a set number of pages, PDF bookmarks or page ranges. Users can also define job route behavior in using JobFlow to get jobs printed as fast as possible when a Fiery server is unavailable.
Engage will also launch an innovation for cut-sheet digital printing— the integration between EFI Fiery Impose software and Duplo DC-618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser devices that automates job preparation and finisher setup for higher-value custom jobs. The integration cuts the initial setup time of the workflow in half and saves users up to 70% in setup time preparing printing jobs with seamless, automated, two-way communication.
In addition to the latest EFI workflow, Fiery DFE and inkjet display graphics featured in EFI Engage’s exhibit area, the conference also features advanced solutions from participating partners, including 3M Commercial Solutions, Aberdeen Fabrics, Duplo, ISCorp, Lubrizol, Progress Software Corp., Ricoh and Thomson Reuters.

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