ProAmpac and the Clemson University department of food, nutrition and packaging sciences announced a partnership to support the company’s commitment developing smart food packaging.

“ProAmpac is committed to leading the industry in developing smart packaging technologies,” says Hesam Tabatabaei, vice president of product development and innovation. “Smart packaging is a fast-growing packaging innovation, which can promote both food safety and food shelf life; and, within the food segment, seeks to protect food from harmful bacteria and virus contamination to prolong product freshness.”

ProAmpac says it will be working with Clemson’s Kay Cooksey, professor and Cryovac Endowed Chair of the food, nutrition and packaging sciences department within the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences. Recognized as an expert in the fields of food safety, shelf life and active packaging, her lab will provide testing capabilities critical to the smart-packaging mission of extending shelf life and promoting food safety. “I am very excited about this partnership. I have worked in the field of active and intelligent packaging for over 25 years and it is a pleasure to work with a company so committed to advancing this field,” says Cooksey.

The university support is being integrated with ProAmpac’s product development and innovation teams. ProAmpac says it is expanding research, adding personnel, purchasing equipment, and building a new collaboration and innovation center that will serve as the company’s international hub for packaging design and development.

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