X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC, global color science and technology providers, announced the IntelliTrax2 Pro and eXact Auto-Scan Pro for integration with the ColorCert Suite. The Pro versions offer package printers and converters one-click integration to see and report print results to brand owners.

IntelliTrax2 Pro and eXact Auto-Scan Pro deliver instant feedback to the press operator about job performance after each color measurement, allowing print operators to make immediate adjustments to correct color drift. These new Pro versions also enable printers to implement and manage Idealliance G7 process control guidelines and ISO print specifications for industry standards and customer requirements.

“As more consumer package goods (CPG) brands implement packaging quality control programs and monitor color tolerances, converters and package printers need color measurement solutions that integrate directly with scorecard systems,” says Ray Cheydleur, printing and imaging product portfolio manager, X-Rite. “The new IntelliTrax2 Pro and eXact Auto-Scan Pro are part of a powerful G7-aligned workflow that provides press operators with performance visibility, real-time guidance on how to achieve the desired colors quickly and seamless reporting back to the ColorCert Scorecard Server.”

Connected Workflow for Quality Control Reporting
IntelliTrax2 Pro is a non-contact, automated color measurement solution ideal for high-end, high-speed print and converting operations. The eXact Auto-Scan Pro combines the portability of a handheld spectrophotometer with the speed of an automated scanning system to help converters automate the measurement of all patches of a color bar.

Full integration between ColorCert Suite and IntelliTrax2 Pro or eXact Auto-Scan Pro allows press operators to implement an end-to-end connected workflow solution for daily press side scanning and scorecard reporting into brand packaging quality control programs. Now featuring Idealliance G7 Press Control System Certification, IntelliTrax2 Pro and eXact Auto-Scan Pro reportedly enables operators to leverage the advantages of G7 based production. The new IntelliTrax2 Pro and eXact Auto-Scan Pro provides users with the following:

  • Immediate scoring at the press on job quality and compliance to support customer requirements.
  • Seamless connectivity to the ColorCert Scorecard Server, which saves the operator time by not having to switch between software.
  • One-click score submission directly from IntelliTrax2 or eXact Auto-Scan to ColorCert, which allows the press operator to report results to brand owners, confirm compliance and speed approval processes.
  • Guidance on how to achieve the best color match to reduce make-ready times.
  • Easy job set-up with targets preloaded, saving operator time, reducing rework and creating a workflow for job set-up.
  • G7 process control and enhanced ISO support ensure printers are meeting industry print specifications.

The integrated IntelliTrax2 Pro, eXact Auto-Scan Pro and ColorCert solution can be used with PantoneLIVE, a cloud-based database that enables printers to access spectrally-defined Pantone and brand spot color standards for accurate color regardless of substrate, printing technology, or ink type. X-Rite NetProfiler can be used throughout the workflow to verify and optimize performance of color measurement devices. The total solution supports closed-loop solutions from Rutherford, Digital Information / CMYK and Printflow to help converters further reduce make-ready time and waste.

“Implementing a color management solution from X-Rite with industry-leading hardware and software that is designed to work together makes it easier for converters to adopt and maintain packaging quality control programs. The added benefit is print owners and operators have one point of contact for both support and training,” says Cheydleur.

For more information, visit www.xrite.com/colorcert, www.xrite.com/pantonelive-family and www.pantone.com.